About Niche Skin

The Niche skin Co., Ltd. had been established a collaboration between clinicians and scientists. By bringing the knowledge of medicine, science, stem cell and molecular biology combined with nanotechnology to achieve a good quality cosmetics products and satisfaction to customers.

นพ.ณิชพน ไพบูลย์ | Niche Skin

Mr. Nitchapon Paiboon, (MD)

Doctor of Medicine, Master of Stem Cell and Molecular Biology

The medical advisor in Aesthetic, Anti-Aging Medicine and Functional Nutrition Medicine, has knowledge of medicine used in the analysis of the deeply skin problem to contribute to solving the problem at the cellular level to the point. “How the body is well? If the cells are not strong”. So, Taking care the skin at the cellular level is extremely important to keep skin healthy and strong.

ดร.ธนชัย ตาก๋า | Niche Skin

Thanachai Taka, Ph.D.

Scientist Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy). The founder of the iCell Stem Cell Research Center.

The expert in the cell and molecular biology, experiences and research on stem cells for over 10 years. “The smallest unit of the body is the cell. Therefore, care should be a good start to the cells as well.”

นพ. สาธิต ดำรงสกุล | Niche Skin

Mr. Satit Damrongsakul (MD)

Doctor of Medicine, The founder of Nano Cellular Laboratory

The doctor who has experts in producing cosmetics by using the Nano technology and the Liposomal technology with a modern and international standard. “Under the supervision of a physician, you can be assured that cosmetics that are produced will be without the contamination of dangerous substance such as mercury, steroids and hydroquinone.”

“The nourishment of beauty in the unique path of Niche Skin”

Chapter 1 : The Origin of Life

Life starts when an egg and a sperm cell are fused together, then from the origin of this single stem cell comes growth forming tissues, organs and finally the complete human body. Even when the body is fully formed, these miracle stem cells still reside inside the body helping to take care of it and rejuvenate it over it’s life spa. Niche Skin products are designed to rejuveninate this origin of life, by deeply nourishing the body’s stem cells to restore it’s internal balance and expose a truly external beauty.

Chapter 2 : Life Science

"Niche Skin" is designed to target the route causes of ageing directly into the stem cell, rather than treating the effects like most other creams do. Our advanced knowledge in the areas of genetics, at a molecular and cellular level, will preserve your beauty throughout your entire life.

Chapter 3 : Nano Technology

Niche Skin’s path to beauty does not come exclusively from our scientific knowledge-base. We also specialize in the nano delivery of nutrition, which penetrates the skin cells deeply and powerfully. Each innovative nano-particle is wrapped with liposome, which helps it to absorbdeeply into the skin cells.

Chapter 4 : Niche Skin

Our combination of the origin of life, science and nanotechnology, enables "Niche Skin" beauty to shine from the inside out .It will leave your skin soft to the touch and gentle but also strong and shiny like Camellia, a lifelong beauty that lasts forever.

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